Friday, 4 August 2017

Morning Routine

I know for a lot of people, school will be starting soon, so I wanted to do a post that is related to school. I also wanted to do another routine post so have decided to compare my school mornings to my weekend mornings. I can already tell you that they are VERY different and my mornings never go to plan when I have school...So lets get on with the post!

Weekend/Holiday Morning Routine 

Wake Up

I set my alarm for around 8, depending on what time I end up going to bed, but the majority of the time I press the snooze button and wake up at half 8. I then end up going on my phone for about 20 minutes looking at all my social media and replying to conversations from that night. If it's Sunday, I will watch Louise Pentland's (Sprinkle Of Glitter) weekly Vlog.

After dragging myself out of bed, I always have to put socks on straight away (I don't like feet so will never walk around bare footed) and then I will head down stairs, of course bringing my phone with me. I will then see my dogs, who are always really cute in the morning and spend about 10 minutes just being with them.

Have Breakfast

After, washing my hands, I will grab breakfast which can vary in what I have as I always fancy something different each day. I will also make a cup of tea, which I will have every morning with out a doubt! Whilst eating my breakfast I will sometimes watch Youtube if no-one else is eating otherwise I won't. If I am reading a really good book I will sometimes read as well.

Get Dressed and Wash My Face

Once I have finished breakfast I will go back up stairs and get changed, if I know I am not going anywhere that day I will wear leggings and a jumper, but most of the time I wear jeans. I will then brush my teeth and wash my face, which you can go check out as I have recently done a post on My Skin Care Routine.

Do My Hair

I don't do much with my hair so it doesn't take me long to do it, I normally will put it half up half down and will sometimes straighten it if I haven't braided it the night before.

That is my routine for when I don't have to be anywhere in the morning. I don't rush to get ready and will sometimes have a shower as I have much more time compared to a school morning.

School Morning Routine

Wake Up

My alarm goes of at 7, but I properly wake up at half 7 as I am always really tired. But a lot of the time I will wake up later which isn't very helpful as I will end up rushing even more. It is my own fault for not waking up earlier though...

Get Changed

I always like to go on my phone, which I shouldn't as I get way to distracted and not getting out of bed until around 7:45, which only leaves me 45 minuted to get ready. I will then get changed which always seems to take me longer on a school day as I can never find anything to wear, I will then finally find something and will have to quickly put it on as I have wasted so much time already.


I will go down stairs and eat breakfast and drink my tea. I normally only have cereal on a school day as it is the quickest meal for when I need to hurry. I will also never end up finishing my tea as its too hot to drink fast.

Pack My Bag

If someone is in the bathroom I will pack my bag, which normally only has my notebooks, water, my lunch and a pencil case. But if I still can't go in the bathroom I will check my phone.

Change AGAIN

After washing my face and what not, there is a high chance that I will change my outfit again as I am not happy with it. This will take about 10 minutes as I just struggle so much to find something to wear! I will also put my shoes on and bring my bag down stairs with me.

Make My Lunch

If I didn't do my lunch the night before as I couldn't be bothered I will do it now. I tend to have the same thing most days as its just easier and I know I will like it. I will then pack this into my bag with a bottle of water which I never end up drinking until I'm back at home.


I will then quickly put my coat on and leave around half 8, which gives me enough time to not have to rush.

These are both of my morning routines, I hope you enjoyed the post and if you have any suggestions on other posts which you would like me to do please leave a comment down below.

Until next time...

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