Sunday, 3 September 2017

My First Gym Experience


I know it's been a couple of weeks since I have last posted, but I've been a little stuck on what to write. Most bloggers will come across this, especially new ones like myself who don't really fit into the world of blogging yet. These last few weeks I have struggled to pick up my laptop and concentrate on writing a post which I am passionate about and which I think you may enjoy reading.

However, I am back now and ready to write!

About 2 to 3 weeks ago I went to my local leisure centre and went to the gym for the first time.  I've been in a gym before and used certain equipment in school but not voluntarily. I know a lot of people already go to the gym but I've always been to sacred or nervous to actual get a membership and go. But thinking back, I am glad I went through with it.

I wanted to write a post on my experience with going to the gym, to encourage people who are not sure to go for it. Of course I have only been going for a few weeks so am not an expert with this sort of thing but I want to share how I felt about going in the beginning and what I experienced, of course everyone's will be different but it may inspire you to go.

So before you can start using the gym, you must have an induction, which you can book when you want. Mine was on Monday the 14th of August. Since booking the induction, I had felt nervous about the thought of going as I had no idea what to expect, which thinking about it now seems a little pointless as I had nothing to worry about. I also had my induction with 3 family members, which I think helped a lot as I knew I wasn't doing it alone.

The day of my induction came and I was still worrying about if I would be judged or if I would look out of place and be surrounded by super muscled people. Of course I was over thinking everything.

When I arrived, the instructor that would be doing the induction asked what certain machines I was interested in or if I wanted to gain something specific from going. I wasn't really sure at that point but I knew I didn't want to go anywhere near the weights as in my head they seemed quite intimidating.

After the instructor shows us how to get into the actual gym as for my gym, you need a card that you scan, she took us upstairs which all the machines there focus on cardio. I wasn't sure if she would get us to go on the machines or just show us quickly how to use them but she told us to go pick a machine that we were interested in using and she would come around and show us how to use it. However, I was quite familiar with most of the machines as I had used them in school, which made it less intimidating.

I went to the bikes first as I felt comfortable with doing that to start with. She came over to me and told me what to do and showed me how to set a timer and whatever, else they did. I did this for 5 minutes, then moved to the cross fit, again I kind of knew how to use it. I also did this for 5 minutes, playing around with the buttons and effort levels to see what suited me best. I also used the rowing machines and then we all went on the machines that have screens in which you can do things such as watch YouTube or go on Facebook.

After being upstairs for about 20 - 30 minutes, she took us down stairs to the weights. My first thought was that I am just going to embarrass myself so there's no point trying, of course I didn't say this out loud. But I was surprised to see people all different ages and all different sizes using all the equipment, which made me feel more at ease.

Again we went of to a machine and she came around. Of course I went and picked one that I would struggle with. I don't have much of strength in my upper body so I wasn't very good at any of them. But no one even noticed which was good! After using some of the machines, I got to one which I had never used before, but someone using a machine beside me helped me with it. This made me realise that no one here was going to judge me or laugh when I wasn't looking. This made me feel a lot better with using the weight machines, and I've been using them every time I've gone.

Ive gone about 8 or 9 times since my induction and I'm still getting use to things but am enjoying it a lot. I don't have a specific work out which I do as I am not wanting to lose weight or anything but just become more fit and healthier. And I know that It will take time before you notice a difference but every time I finish I feel much better then when I was going in.

If you are thinking about going, I would definitely recommend it. Don't over think about all the negatives as they will just seem so silly after. Comment down below if you go to the gym or are thinking about it as I would love to know your thoughts on things!

Until next time...

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