Saturday, 24 June 2017

Best Friend Tag With MyDailyLife


How have you guys been? I hope you enjoyed reading my last post (10 Facts About Me), if you have any advice or post ideas feel free to comment them done below.

So for this post I've decided to collaborate with MyDailyLife, who is also my best friend. That is why we will be doing the Best Friend Tag.

We both answered 20 questions for each other to see how much we actually know about each other.  This post will test our friendship so lets get on with the 10 questions!

How long have you been best friends for?

Both: We have known each other for 14 years but have only been best friends for 4 years.

What is the others favourite book?

BlogMyLife: She has too many favourites

MyDailyLife: GirlOnline series

If you could go anywhere in the world with each other where would you go?

Both: Canada!

Favourite food?

BlogMyLife: Salmon

MyDailyLife: Mashed potato

What Tv programmes do you both watch?

Both: Ackley Bridge, Im a Celebrity, Britain's Got Talent, Master Chef and Love Island

Whats the others favourite season and why?

BlogMyLife: Her favourite season is Autumn because she likes colours

MyDailyLife: Winter is her favourite as it is a cozy season and she likes Christmas

3 things the other would take to a desert island

BlogMyLife: Pillow, TREK bars and sunglasses

MyDailyLife: Blanket, water and hair ties

Top 5 YouTubers

BlogMyLife: Emily Canham, Sacconejoly's, PointlessBlogs, Seanoc and Saffron Barker

MyDailyLife: Zoella, ThatsSoDorothy, Ellie and Jared, Roman Atwood and ThatcherJoe

Best song in the charts at the moment

BlogMyLife: Came Here For Love (Sigala & Ella Eyre)

MyDailyLife: Slow Hands (Niall Horan)

One thing on each others bucket list?

Both: To travel around the world

I really enjoyed doing this post so I hope you enjoyed reading it! We also did 10 questions on MyDailyLife's blog, so make sure you go check out her blog and leave a comment.

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QOTP: Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.

Until next time...

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